The Day Needs More Hours

I promise not to use this personal trip blog to complain. But I won’t be able to help it sometimes. Most of all, you’ll probably hear me complaining about the number of hours in the day. I have so much to do, so many things to think about, so many people to meet and philosophies to espouse. How am I supposed to do everything I need to do in the second half of my life? Well, I’m going to die trying to fit it all in. Don’t get your pants in a hitch–I mean I’m going to die at the END of it, which was going to happen anyway, see?

How do I feel about what’s going on in my life right now? I’m mostly happy. I love having a lot to do. I love having plans. I’m having a ball meeting people. Today, I saw a young couple of about seventy teasing each other. She was a waitress and he was an annoying, but mega cute, customer. When he was finished with his meal, she walked him to the door. All the time, they were giving each other a hard time. She tried to go out the door with him, and he held the door closed so she couldn’t get out. Shoulda seen the twinkle in his eye, which made her eyes twinkle. She came bouncing back into the restaurant with a sweet grin on her face. That is something I needed to see. It IS possible for people to stay happily married. What do you know.

I’m having fun planning for the future of my business, and I’ve been busy on the phone in the car during daylight hours. I’m driving a lot at night, too. You would think I’d be getting fatigued, but the longer I’m out, the more alive I feel. I think the past lives reader in New Orleans years ago may have been right when she said I had been a gypsy. I like that idea. I love the open road. I’m energized by the challenge of new places and interesting new people.

There is a sadness lingering due to Charlie and I breaking up, but something about being on the road is healing. Kari, my sister, gave me seven or eight “Chill” CDs to listen to while I drive, and I love them. They are soft and soothing. One is a Christmas Chill CD. I love the season, and although I’ll miss my family at Christmas, I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be at the moment celebrating the essence of life.


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