Sleeping in the Truck: I’m in Love!

I decided today’s blog will be a report on what it’s like to sleep in the truck. I slept in it one night on the way down to Florida, and two nights when Charlie and I visited our friend Jodi in Wellington. Jodi was worried about me sleeping in the truck and tried her darnedest to get me to come into the house. But I had been looking forward to trying it out, and the first night had been really very comfortable. She relented when I promised to call her on the cell if anything at all bothered me. I’m going to have to get used to being out on my own, and although I know I need to be careful, I’m not afraid. It’s because I’m ultra careful that I’m not afraid.

Here’s what the bed in the back of the truck consists of: one tri-fold, four-inch twin-size mattress with a sueded surface; one inch-and-a-half memory foam mattress with a silky cover. One king-size microfiber blanket folded in half; one twin-size throw with microfiber on one side and synthetic fleece on the other; one quilted microfiber throw. I have a memory foam pillow and a regular pillow. Once everything is in place, it’s a dream. I also brought a thin twin-size sheet for any nights that get too hot. (I hope!)

Sleeping, in my opinion, is very important on an adventure like this. If you aren’t comfortable enough to really sink in and relax at night, you’ll feel it the next day–physically and emotionally. I’m definitely sacrificing some things to be able to have a superbed like this, namely space. There almost is not enough room from the surface of the bed to the ceiling. I crawl in from the front, between the two bucket seats, and slither toward the back, then flip over. I have enough room to pile the two pillows under my head and prop myself up to watch Netflix or work on my iPad before I go to sleep. Luckily, I don’t get claustrophobic, so it feels cozy, safe and warm.

To get a little privacy, in addition to piling luggage along the sides, I tied up a shawl along the back hatch window and hung a blanket from the side handles along the roof and over the front seat backs. I know someone could peek in through small cracks, so I need to come up with something a little more fitted. It will be fun to figure it out as time goes on.

I any case, sleeping in the back of the Jeep is satisfying to me, just because I’m doing it. And I’ve always wanted to do it. I suppose it’ a bucket list kind of thing. But it’s also a lifestyle sort of thing. I’m loving the life of a gypsy…so far.


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