The Power of Complaining

As I sit in the park working today, I have to be thankful for the freedom I have to work where I want to work. On the other hand, I have a few minor complaints. There is a chilly breeze that makes my hands stiff every once in awhile. I have found a spider and an ant crawling on me. I’d rather go exploring the sculpture than sit here and work. People’s dogs keep interrupting me as they walk by. I’ve met two shitzus, a poodle and a Jack Russell. And my feet hurt because I have to put them on tiptoes to hold my laptop level on my lap. I think God stopped a couple inches short of two full legs when he molded my body.

All of these basically inconsequential complaints me think about the power of obstacles. Even small obstacles like this can get a person to focus. I consciously shut out the distractions, and that decision on my part instantly drew me into a newly powerful focus on my message here. It was the sheer will to get this done and the opportunity to take a mental action that did it. If I was sitting at my desk right now–if I owned one that I worked at every day–I would not be presented with these obstacles to overcome.

There’s something else about obstacles that powers our work. When I have something to complain about it puts me in the frame of mind to find solutions. Since most writing has to do with finding solutions or analyzing ideas in some way, this is a good frame of mind to be in when writing.

Am I getting to analytical? Maybe, in a way, but that’s how I am. When I understand how things work, I can settle down and allow them to work.

I’ve been in this park for about an hour and I seem to have overcome all the obstacles I can find at the moment, unless one of the alligators the sign warned me about shows up. I guess it’s time to go find something new to complain about.


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