What Goes on in Vegas…

I’m not going to say I didn’t drink, but not that much—except for one night on Cleopatra’s Barge. Shocking, I know, but that’s one of the things everybody does in Vegas, right? Or it seems like they do. No one is who they really are in Vegas. Most of the time this trip, though, I was pretty much me. Because I had to work a lot of the time. Ask my son Eddie. That’s me. It’s one of the things he remembers about me as he grew up. I worked a lot. Here’s hoping some of that hard-working mojo rubbed off on him and his sister, so I don’t have to worry they’ll live on the streets someday.

I was in Vegas for my friend Barb’s wedding. A lot of the time, we were helping prepare for the wedding, or attending the wedding, but my roommate Maggie and I had a little time to gallivant around. I’d like to say we gallivanted up and down the strip, but we couldn’t find it the one night we had to really walk around. We got stuck in this loop made up of the Vdara, Aria and Bellagio. Lots of cool things in those casinos, no doubt, but we really wanted to get down to the famous places. By the time we realized we’d have to do some heavy-duty digging to figure out how to get there, we just decided to do a little gambling, eating and cocktailing in place. And that, dear friends, is probably the idea. One of the bellmen confirmed it the next day when he said he thought they did that on purpose. Well, we beat that game. He told us how to get out of the gerbil cage, and we did get some “stripping” done before I dropped Maggie off at the airport.  J

I actually gambled this time. The last time I was here, Charlie and I gambled $2.50 and lost everything. This time, I had allocated a little more fun money in my trip budget in case others wanted to gamble. I didn’t want to be just standing there watching them. We had a great time, and the good news is that I ended up leaving with about $150 more than I went in with. The winning admittedly made it more fun. I’d like to tell you what I did to make the money, but I truly think it was dumb luck.

Okay…I’ll admit I tried to use my mind powers on the machines. And I started with low bets, then gradually upped the bets, trying to get the machine to think I would bet more if I won more. I thought, “If I was designing slot machines, I’d program them this way.” And then I played it that way. That part of it was fun. And all the pretty pictures and sounds were fun. So…I guess I had fun.

I also had a cold. Poor Maggie had to put up with my hacking morning, noon and night. Cold pills didn’t work. Water didn’t work. I didn’t try a Neti pot, but that would have been grosser than the hacking and it just doesn’t seem like a Vegas kind of thing. This is where all the beautiful people hang out, and I doubt they use Neti pots. Why, of all times to get a cold, would I get one in Vegas? There are other things people get in Vegas that are pre-tty inconvenient. (You know who you are.) Not fair, but that’s life, so I tried to pretend I didn’t have a cold. Now, it’s going to take a couple days to recover, I think.

Maybe longer. I ended up at another casino in Mesquite tonight. I’m not going to gamble. I’m just easing myself out of it…

Nah, just kidding. As far as I know, I don’t have a gambling problem. I DO have a not-doing-my-blogs-often-enough problem. I have a can’t-keep-my-eyes-open problem. And an I-want-an-ice-cream-cone problem. The last two are easily solved. There’s ice cream right behind me, and a bed is waiting in Building 5 at the Virgin River Casino.


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