Noooooooo! My Jeep Broke…

This reminds me of when Eddie was a year old. We had taken him to the rodeo, and the clown had performed a bit with a wooden horse, where the horse breaks and the clown can’t ride anymore. Eddie was so struck by the tragedy of the broken horse, he just kept saying, “The cwown bwoke ‘is hohwse!” to everyone he saw—all the way out to the parking lot after the last event. It was very cute, and kind of heart wrenching, because I knew he was feeling what he believed to be the clown’s sadness for his horse. Ed is still that way. He is very tuned into the feelings of others, and not afraid to talk about it as well as help when he can.

So, this week, I got a call from Eddie to check on me. Mom and dad had been helping me navigate the only real disaster of my long trip, and they told him he needed to call me. My Jeep had broken down about an hour east of Tuscon near a town called Benson. I spent the entire day getting a tow truck, deciding where to have the truck taken for repair, figuring out what would be covered by the robust extended third-party warranty I had very cleverly bought with the truck, and trying to squeeze in some work. By the end of the day, all I wanted to do was take my rental minivan (yuck) and go see a movie, which I did.

When I got the call from Eddie, I was kind of surprised. He doesn’t often call me out of the blue just to say hello. But I have to tell you, it did my heart good. In truth, the day wasn’t as agonizing as it might sound. I knew I had the warranty. I had roadside assistance through Verizon. I had mom, dad, Brad and Darrell (my brother-in-law) on the phone helping me. I just considered it part of my grand adventure. On the other hand, hearing Eddie’s voice asking me how I was sort of applied a balm to my soul.

That deep-feeling heart—the one that felt so sad for the clown and his broken horse—was doing its special magic for me, and I felt honored and humbled. Ok…so I’m making a big deal of it, but I’m a mom and it’s a big deal when the children you have worked so hard to raise suddenly turn their attention to you and offer their help. I wouldn’t call myself a clown, but I HAD broken my horse, so to speak. Hearing from Ed just made everything seem as it should be.


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