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Wings and Roots: Home is Where my Heart Is

There’s a saying, that parents should give their children both wings to fly and roots to anchor them. I feel a bit like a child of the world who is now acutely aware of both roots and wings in my life, but not always in the way I expected.

On the road, returning home after my six-month odyssey through the southern U.S., I had mixed feelings about ending my travels. During this time, I had laid many fears and hurts to rest, opened myself to possibilities and rediscovered joy. Many of my friends and family had traveled with me in spirit, and at the very least I hope I inspired them not to settle for things that don’t make them happy. I found a happiness I hadn’t felt since my teens. In that happiness was also hope and a depth of spirit I have craved for all these decades. The only missing piece was the people who have made me who I am—my parents, children, sister, extended family and friends—not to mention several important business colleagues who kept in touch by phone and email when I was on the road. It just wasn’t the same as looking each other in the eye over lunch.  Being away so long showed me how much my heart is connected to these people in Nebraska. The question in my mind now is, “How will I stretch my wings?” Continue reading


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