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Other than my children and my family, I have two loves in my life: writing and travel. Travel is a new serious endeavor, and I’m having a ball sharing what I see and discover out here on the road. But I also love writing, and I realize you might or might not be interested in both. For that reason, I keep two blogs–one about each of my loves. If you are curious what I’m finding on the road and want a few tips to make travel easier when you have a chance to shuck the daily grind, visit me here at If you have an interest in writing, or you own a business and need help getting the word out through great messaging, visit me at You can also visit my Facebook page: Foster Executive Writing & Editing LLC.

I admit the lines will blur at times: the writing blogs will mention travel, and the travel blogs will mention writing. In my life, they are becoming forever and happily intertwined! See you tomorrow online…


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