Dinner with a Stranger

9/24 I had dinner with a total stranger last night: Jacques Despres, part owner of LouLou’s restaurant. Actually, I can’t really call him a stranger anymore. I have gotten to know him and some of his workers while spending lots of time in the restaurant. Other than the Jasper library, it’s the only place I have really felt comfortable using the Internet for hours. The food is really good, and there’s a beautiful patio with big open windows in warm weather (not today). Thank you, Jacques. Everybody, go to his restaurant when you visit Jasper!!! To read business and writing tips and stories go to my blog at fosterwriting.com.


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2 responses to “Dinner with a Stranger

  1. one Little question from Stockholm, Sweden! What country are you in- and city!
    Have a great evening! 🙂

    • Hi, Anna! I am traveling through the Canadian Rockies and have been in Jasper National Park (Jasper, AB) for a week waiting for general delivery mail. LOL! It has given me an opportunity to meet many more people and see many more things. Thanks for your comment!

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