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Digging Treasures from my Memory

I was gone from home and everything I knew for more than three months, living in places unfamiliar to me around people I did not know or barely knew. The Canadian Rockies and the U.S. Pacific Northwest consumed me. Like a wave, the experience swept away many pains, frustrations and annoying attitudes that had been poisoning me. Okay…I know I’m being dramatic. But I believe this trip was a truly life-changing one for me. I am a new person. I am admittedly still annoyed with a lot of things, both about the trip and about life in general. But the shadows I suspect will prove to be permanent are the good ones–memories that will transform into glowing backward-looking beacons of happiness in my old age. The bad memories of my trip are fading, along with bad memories from eons ago. Give me a few more weeks, and I’ll be safe to be around again.


Fall tree with glowing sun in John Hendry Park, Vancouver, BC

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