Here I Sit in Leftover Hurricane Gordon Rain

Traveling in Illinois, stuck in the rain.

Listening to the hurricane rain symphony.

Tales from a traveling writer …

Not quite sure how to convey the craziness of this situation! I am stuck in a parking lot in the middle of Illinois with absolute buckets of rain coming down. It’s the third day of rain … hurricane Gordon’s leavings floating up from Texas. I just happen to be in the one spot in the nation right now where it’s unfeasible to drive out.

Even if I could handle the little Scotty trailer on the highway (and I probably could—turns out I’m a really rad trailer tow-er), I won’t attempt it because driving seems to be the only time the front trailer window leaks.

So here I sit, listening to the rain whoosh against the aluminum siding in waves. To make matters worse, the Jeep had begun leaking again and I had a puddle on the passenger side floor. I thought of it when I woke up this morning, after a very cozy sleep on the bench bed. I took one look at the radar and knew I was going to have to do something to keep the water from coming in.

Stuck in hurricane Gordon rain — in the middle of Illinois!

Dinette seat cushions drying after a day of soaking up leaks on the road. Don’t want to do THAT again!

How to Temporarily Fix a Sunroof Leak

I’ve done a little research on the leak, and it’s not uncommon with the sunroof. (If you have a sunroof, you probably know this!) On top of that, this particular model of Jeep has an issue with drain tubes clogging. I think I know how to fix it, but haven’t done it yet, so here I sit!

I could picture getting the tarp over the top of the Jeep, but I had to work myself up to do it. There was no way for me not to get soaked. I kept looking at the radar, trying to will a break in the action, and I think God actually listened. The rain slowed to a light patter, so I grabbed my umbrella, ran out the trailer door and up to the Jeep.

I opened the passenger door to a completely soaked blanket I had put there last night hoping it would soak up some of the water. Yep … poor thing had done all it could, but it was saturated. I just picked it up and and threw it under the truck. There was no way it would be blowing away.

I turned on the Jeep and cranked up the furnace. It’s not cold here. Just damp, but my little foray into the rain had made me a little chilly. I turned on the radio and listened to the local news. There was a fundraiser for a school and weather forecast. Surprise: more rain.

I knew what I had to do. Little by little, I tackled one small movement at a time toward the goal of getting the tarp over the top of the truck. First, get myself to the back and unbury the tarp. Then spread it out inside, then hop outside quickly and close it in the door. I flung it over the roof and ran to the other side. Then I pulled it in and jumped into the drivers side. Slammed the door hard. Done!

And almost immediately water began running INTO the truck using the tarp as a conduit. Arrgh! So I jumped out and pulled the wet thing into the truck and threw it into the back. Discouraged, I sat there wracking my brains for another solution. I visualized all kinds of juryrigged solutions, and in my mind none of them worked.

What I needed was a tighter seal on the tarp. And then I figured it out. I needed to close it into the window instead of into the door! So I rolled down the passenger window a little bit, grabbed the wet tarp and jumped out again. The rain was heavier, and I was now soaked for real.

I quickly stuffed one end of the tarp into the window, rolled it up, threw the tarp over again, and slammed the door closed, then ran around to the other side, rolled down the window and jumped in and pulled the tarp through the window and rolled it up tight. Would it work?

At first, I didn’t think it did. Water was dripping down onto the electronic panels of the armrests. Gah! But I decided to give it a little time. I snugged up the windows as much as I could and grabbed some napkins to dry everything off. Still some drips. Was it left over, or was the rain really coming in?

Finally, after snugging the windows up about five times just to make sure, nothing was coming in! Hallelujah! The only problem was, I was stuck in the truck, afraid to open the doors.  I finally realize I could just crawl into the back and go out the back door. I grabbed my Rugged Geek portable power supply, a lighter for the gas stove in the trailer, and my umbrella.

Happy I Thought of the Wool Socks

I had to sit for a minute to gather the courage to dive into the rain again. One, two, three, GO! I made a note of the soggy blanket under the truck, so I wouldn’t forget it later, then ran to the trailer. I peeled off my wet clothes and pulled on my comfy merino wool longjohns I got five years ago in Canada. I had even thought to put in a pair of wool socks, though in most places it’s still summer!

Stuck in the rain. Thanks, hurricane Gordon!

Love this little corner of the Scotty trailer … a peaceful place to work.

Now I sit here unworried about puddles in Jeeps or leaky trailer windows.  I’m relatively warm, still have lots of charge on my devices, and a porta potty in the closet!  Last night, when the rain was not quite so bad, I ran into the store and grabbed some of my favorite foods. I won’t play much music, because I don’t want to waste the power — but who needs music when you have the song of rain? It’s a symphony on all sides of me! And here I sit. 🙂

Today’s office, thanks to hurricane Gordon...


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